Where is the YouTube or Vimeo video?

If you do not see the video in a feed item where you believe one should be found, it's because your news reader does not support "objects" or "iframes" within an item description.

According to Feed Validator, the feed is valid even with objects or iframes within an item description. Some implementers of news readers, however, take the position that objects or iframes should not be placed within item descriptions. Please note that it is not possible for others to insert objects or iframes within an item description of an Enfeedia hosted RSS feed, only Enfeedia can do that. So there is no security risk of a another party trying to exploit objects or iframes.

Enfeedia's news readers ("NewsPage" and on-site display using "shootOnSite") support objects and iframes within item descriptions. Viewers of a feed with a YouTube or Vimeo video embedded will see the video screen when using Enfeedia's NewsPage, or when viewing a webpage that embeds the feed using Enfeedia's "shootOnSite" script, with the exception of on the iPhone because of limited screen size.

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