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enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) If you have registered to receive email alerts when new items are posted on the "Homes & Specials" feed of the Vacation Rentals In The News website, this announcement is important to you. An improved alert system managed by Google's Feedburner application is being phased in, and the current system will be turned off in early June.

You must have your email address verified with the new Feedburner system to receive alerts (aka notifications) from that new system. If you do not, beginning in early June, you will not see new postings unless you visit the website.

With the new system, the full posting is included in the alert email so you get all the news delivered to your email in-basket.

To make things simple, I've included the Feedburner registration link below for the Homes & Specials feed. Click it to open the Feedburner page where you begin the email verification process for that feed. It will only take about a minute of your time to do this process.

Homes and Specials

(If you have already registered for the Feedburner system, you will get two alerts for each new posting, one from the current system, one from the Feedburner system. But that will not be the case beginning early June when the current system is turned off.)