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05 Sep 2018 07:28
The problem with "mass" emailing, and a preview of using feeds 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherWhat’s the problem with placing large email lists on the To: line of your email versus the Bcc: line? Here's what one informed person says about this:

All it takes is one person's computer to be infected with virus/malware and everyone is now harvested. That's what the Bcc: is for!

You should not use mass emailings in this manner. If you receive such an email showing everyone's email address in plain view, remind the sender to use the Bcc: line. Do not risk your email address being harvested by spammers/scammers.

Alternatives to email blasts using feeds will be offered in the SBR Clubs 2.0 system (and in fact are being used by some clubs already). Stay tuned.

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