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20 May 2018 13:39
UPDATE: Widget Samples On Display for Your Consideration in Planning Your Club Presentation 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherAs of this writing, you will find a number of widgets being used for display and function purposes only. (I may fiddle with graphics or sequencing widgets, whatever.) Additional widgets are being considered. The purpose of showing these now is to help you plan your club's presentation on the SBR Clubs website. (Before I start, remember, the link to the SBR Clubs 2.0 site under development is www.saddlebrookeranch.org/index3.php .)

1. Every club listing now includes a mail icon that when clicked opens an email form for mail to be sent to the person associated with the icon. These are fully functional. Most clubs only have a specified chief officer, so only one widget is used.

2. Check out the Tennis Association in the Sports Section. A series of icons are presented, most of which are functional using real material of the club, not faked. Try them all to get the idea of how they will work. At the moment, this is implemented only for the Tennis club, but generalizing the implementation to work for all clubs has begun. (You also see three mail icons for this club, as chief officer, admin assistant and contact have all been specified.)

Here is a sample of the widgets as presented for the Tennis Association:

From left to right, here's what they mean:
- Photography; this widget is for opening the club's photo gallery.
- Video; for opening a YouTube or Vimeo video, or a YouTue Channel
- RSS Feed, News; for presenting a club News feed. (Notice the "N" in the icon.)
- RSS Feed, Events; for presenting the club Events feed. (Notice then "E".) Future and past events are presented.
- RSS Feed, Meetings; for presenting the club Meetings feed ("M"), Future and past meetings are presented.
- MyGrove; offering club communications and file sharing. (INACTIVE)
- DropBox; for accessing files (of virtually any type) from the DropBox cloud. (INACTIVE)
- Facebook and Twitter: for going to club page or feed, should they have accounts. (INACTIVE)
These tools provide a variety of ways to communicate using text, photos and videos, plus share files of all types. Other widgets are planned; recommendations will be considered.