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15 May 2018 07:37
SBR Clubs 2.0 Update, May 15, 2018: All clubs sites are "in place" 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherAt this time, all clubs known to me are included on the new pre-released SBR Clubs 2.0 site. This includes sites from the current site, clubs registered with the HOA, and a few sites that are expected to be registered with the HOA very soon. If not registered at the time of release, those sites will be automatically disabled from appearing.

The sites that are not currently registered are indicated by "Coming Soon" immediately preceeding the club name. Clubs with a maroon square in place of a graphic simply indicates one does not yet exist for that club yet. I will be implementing a feature wherein the club owner or delegate can upload the graphic. The website will automatically re-size it. Instrutions will be available when the feature is ready.

When will I cutover to SBR Clubs 2.0? Probably next week, giving those who currently have a presence on the current site a chance to check over their new listing. We need to make sure persons referenced as contacts (CO: chief officer, AA: admin assistant, ST: secretary/treasurer) are included and are correct -- assuming the club has AA and ST positions. The CO position is required for all clubs to be listed on the site.

-- Ken Gorman