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04 Feb 2018 08:21
Club Representation in this Clubs Website, the "Home of SaddleBrooke Ranch Clubs" 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherIs your club represented on this Clubs Website? If not, the community may not know your club exists! Remember, the HOA website connects to this website for all-things clubs (notice the "Clubs" tab in the menu bar.) Click here for additional information plus a form to contact Ken Gorman for adding your club. Whether you want a minimal statement of your club or have special needs like a directory and a membership tool, your club will benefit because of the eyeballs coming to your site.

Also, those clubs that are represented here can having postings on this feed about topics of general interest to the whole community -- like festivals, exhibitions, auctions. If you are working to expand your membership, this additional (free) exposure can pay dividends.