Our "scheduling" Feed

17 Aug 2019 20:44
First scheduling meeting outlines two-point initial plan 
We (Larry Burchfield, Ken Gorman) reiterated focus is on fun and fairness. We decided to take two steps to start the ball rolling. (1) To define terms, so that we understand each other when jargon is tossed around. What's a "session", a "match", a "lane", and so on. What's a session "duration". With agrees upon terminology, we won't have confusion when scheduling policies are specific using those terms. (2) To create a survey to not only assess interests in general, but to understand them in the context of each other.

For example, the preferred court times and session duration might be dependent on whether one is interested in competitive or recreational play. How so? Competitive players might want session durations longer than recreational players, and not be interested in food and beverage from Ed's Dogs as much as recreational players. That implies shorter session duration around the lunch time and longer duration at beginning of day. Add to that any competitive play vs recreational play regarding team size (2 vs 4), we get helpful information about the number if courts to allocate at those different times.

We also are aware that the "coming out plan" will be revised periodically as the months go by, to respond to actual play statistics versus survey results.