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16 Aug 2019 20:52
Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 
FeedBack ( 0) YEAH!!! We had our first Bocce Club Advisory Meeting and had a group of experienced and knowledgeable people that brought with them many great questions and suggestions to get our New Club underway.

FAIR and FUN will be the first criteria in all decisions in the development of our Club.

Here are some of the questions that came up in the meeting:

Are bylaws necessary?
Should we collect dues for equipment need?
Who pays for the Bocce Balls, the HOA or the membership?
Do we have to file as a non-profit organization?
Will there be Leagues?
What should our organizational structure be?
Should we schedule 1 or 2 hours per game play?
Will there be 4 or 8 people per team?
Will there be open time scheduled?
What is the surface of the courts?
Who will maintain the courts?
Will there be lights?
Will the membership be required to sign a waiver?
Will we have to sign an amenities agreement or have liability insurance?
Will we join the ABA (American Bocce Association)?
Will the courts comply with Handicap Laws?

We had several individuals who played Bocce at different communities who shared their experiences with the group. It gave us great insight into what will work for all people in the Club. This discussion led to forming three groups:


Pattie and Lloyd De Martini
Brian and Laurie Crowe
Larry Sandoval
Bob Townsend


Roger Bailey
Gerri Koen
Ellyn Biggs


Ken Gorman
Larry Burchfield
Craig George

Each group will meet on their own to discuss each topic assigned to them and the next Club meeting will be scheduled in two weeks.