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14 Aug 2020 16:01
Sneak Preview of the audiobook of Stories Of Pets By Pets For Pets! Coming this fall to a computer near you! 
photoenfeedia RSS feed publisherThe audiobook of Linda's print book, Stories of Pets by Pets for Pets, is in production and expected to be released this fall! The first completed "AudioStory" is "Busy Busy Jasper". It is included on Linda's website for you to enjoy. The completed "AudioPlay" will include all 22 of the stories from her book.

Why the term "AudioPlay"? Because unlike virtually all the other audiobooks, her AudioPlay is presented by "voice actors" with embedded music and special effects. It’s in the style of the radio plays popular prior the arrival of television. Let your imagination roam and hear the pets tell their stories as envisioned by the voice actors.

The AudioPlay will be available on Amazon (along with her print book), iTunes, and Audible that dominates the audiobook marketplace.