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Account Name  help notes

Your Account Name is used to access your account and to address your newsfeeds and News Pages. You will find it very useful for others to easily memorize your account name, so pick a memorable one, not some cryptic code! Your account name will appear in your newsfeed and NewsPage addresses and in your NewsOnSite code along with feed names you pick, so give thoughtful consideration to how they appear together for Search Engine Optimization reasons (e.g., /bakery/pies, /bakery/bread). Must be 2 to 30 characters: a-z (lower case), 0-9, hyphen(-) and underscore (_); first character a letter.

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Your password authenticates access to your account. Must be 6 to 20 characters, A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and ! # % ^ * $ characters only.

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Your password recovery code is needed if you forget your password and want to recover it (at the Contact Us page). Up to 8 alpha-numeric characters. A blank entry cannot be used as the code.

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This is the real name of the owner of the account. Up to 50 characters.

URLs ARE NOT ALLOWED. Entry of a URL will cause your account request to be denied.

URLs ARE NOT ALLOWED. Entry of a URL will cause your account request to be denied.

Email Address  help notes

Your email address that will be used to validate your account and to otherwise contact you about your account; 100 characters maximum.

Website Title and Link on NewsPage (optional)  help notes

You can specify the title and URL for a website to be referenced in the NewsPages for the feeds in your account. A NewsPage is automatically generated for displaying each feed in your account. Here's how this information is used:

If you include a title image for any of your NewsPages, the URL you specify here will be used as the link for that image. (Title images are specified at your NewsPage; go to your NewsPage and login there to specify the image to be used.)

If you have a premium membership, your NewsPages will include a left side panel ("Hub") that includes a tab to reference your website. The title and link you specify here will be used for that website reference.

Specify the full URL including the http:// or https:// portion. 150 characters maximum.

Website title for all NewsPages:

URLs ARE NOT ALLOWED. Entry of a URL will cause your account request to be denied.

Website URL for all NewsPages:

URLs MUST BEGIN WITH HTTP:// OR HTTPS://. Any other beginning will cause your post to be denied.


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You can choose to have your account unlisted, meaning Enfeedia will not reveal the existence of the account to others.

Please review our policies prior to opening an account.
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Quick-Start Instructions

1. Open an account.

Submit your account name, password, and email address, plus other account related information. Enfeedia will verify your email address by sending you an email with a special code that you enter into a form on the Enfeedia site. After completing the email verification process, your account will be opened and you can proceed to creating a feed and adding news items to it.

2. Start a Feed

Click "Set Up Feeds" in the menu bar to create your first feed. In the next window, enter a name for your first feed, then click "Perform Selected FEED Operation". In the next window, fill out the form. For now, you can just skip the optional entries at the bottom. After entering requested information in the form, click "Submit". You will get a confirmation window about the feed you just added. But please note, this feed does not yet have any items in it, and until you add an item, the feed will not be published.

3. Post an Item to that Feed

Now add a news item to this feed by clicking "Publish Items" in the menu bar. In the next window, select "Add an Item" and click "Perform Selected Item Operation". Fill out and submit the form. The next window confirms the addition of the news item to your new feed. Then use the menu bar to select what you want to do next.

Remember, until you post your first news item onto your feed, your feed will not be published. Should you try to view your feed, you will see a "404 Not Found" screen because your feed file is not generated until a post an item onto the feed.

Go feed 'em!