Upgrade Your 'Communicator' Membership to 'Publisher' -- for FREE

By enfeedia.com.

Post an RSS icon and associated text link for the Enfeedia news feed on your website home page and get a FREE Publisher premium membership.

CLICK HERE to display in a new window/tab the code to insert on your home page.

Here's how it will look on your site:

enfeedia RSS news feed publisher News About Publishing an RSS News Feed

Once you've installed the code, email us from your email account corresponding to your Enfeedia account and include in your message the URL for the webpage on which you installed that code. We will verify it, then upgrade your account to Publisher and notify you. Be sure to keep that code in place to maintain your free Publisher membership.

This offer is available to both new and current members. If you currently have a Publisher subscription, we will cancel that subscription after we verify the code on your home page, so that you will no longer pay for the membership.

Learn about the features of all membership levels.