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17 Jul 2012 16:23
NEW REMOTE POSTING FEATURE! Post items from an HTML form on *your* website using our API 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Today Enfeedia announces support of Remote Posting onto Enfeedia feeds published by members at the Publisher-Pro membership or higher. By placing a simple HTML form on your website, you can either permit the general public to post on the feed you specify (e.g., a testimonial feed or discussion forum) or limit who can post to a selected group (e.g., a club or association).

In the latter case, the form includes additional password and email fields that the user enters. Or, you can place the form on a password-protected page on your website and not require the user to enter the password and email address in the form.

Now you don't need to send people to your Enfeedia account to post new items. To keep things simple, the information that can be posted with this API is limited to the item title, a link for the item title, and the item description (aka article). URL links can be inserted in the description simply by including the full URL.

Future releases may expand on what can be included in the posting (e.g., YouTube videos and images); contact us and give us your opinion! But for simple testimonials, discussion forums, clubs and associations and the like, most of the time the title, link, and description will meet the needs.

The API is built on the Reporter feature that supports moderation to protect against objectionable postings. That means you can implement posting to a 'public' feed from your website and receive an email when someone -- a 'reporter' -- has posted an item awaiting your approval. Until you approve it, the item will not be posted on the feed. Or you can elect not to moderate, your choice.

To learn about this API and get the HTML form code, click here.

If you have not yet upgraded to the Publisher-Pro membership, do so now to get the benefit of this feature for your customers and visitors. For example, implement a testimonial feed in about 15 minutes and engage your customers!