Our "enfeedia" Feed

06 Jun 2012 09:35
AFTER THIS POSTING, future postings will no longer cause "old style" email alerts to be issued; Register NOW for "new style" alerts 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Several notices have been published to communicate to those registered for email alerts that the alert system was going to be upgraded to a new system based on Google FeedBurner or MyYahoo, depending on the membership level of the account that posted a new feed item. Over the past few weeks, during this transition period, alerts have been issued using both systems, so if you had already registered with the new system, you were getting duplicate alerts.

As of 6/7/2012, the old style alert system will be turned off. Alerts will only be issued with the new system. Click the title of this item to review the original announcement.

If you have not registered for alerts for feeds using the new system, you are encouraged to do so now so as not to miss important information. You register for each feed for which you want alerts. It is quick and easy, so there's no reason to procrastinate.

Here's how to register: Locate the feed on the website for which you want alerts. For example, there are three feeds on the Enfeedia website, presented about 75% of the way down the home page. You will find a "Set Up Pings (Email Alerts)" link below the last item shown for the feed. Click that link to open a window that provides information about the process. Then click the link in that window to proceed with registration.