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01 May 2012 11:36
Announcing Enfeedia's Upgraded "Email Notification System" 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) One of the most important features of RSS technology is the ability to be notified by email when items are posted on a feed. Why? So that you don't have to incessantly search websites to find out what's new. With an RSS news feed, what's new is delivered to your in-basket if you are registered for email alerts for that feed.

Enfeedia has previously employed an internally developed "ping" email system whereby those email alerts are delivered to those registered for alerts. Today, Enfeedia is introducing a two-pronged alert system using industrial-strength "email notification systems" (ENS) offered by Google Feedburner (for premium memberships) and My Yahoo (for the free Communicator memberships).

At Enfeedia, we wish to remain focused on what we do best: offering an easy and well-featured system for publishing RSS feeds, for novices and experts alike. Just like we don't wish to be a video or photo sharing service, notwithstanding the importance of video and photos embedded in feeds, we likewise don't wish to divert our focus to support email notification system when fine solutions are available elsewhere. So, just as we support YouTube, Vimeo, and Flickr for video and photo sharing, we are now supporting the ENS of Google Feedburner and Yahoo.

We will phase out the existing Enfeedia email notification system around the beginning of June, 2012. Beginning today, anyone registering for alerts will be directed to either My Yahoo or Google Feedburner depending on the membership level of the feed publisher. Those already registered for alerts using the previous alert system will continue to receive those alerts until phase-out.

Enfeedia will issue an email to all those registered for alerts with the previous system to encourage them to re-register, including instructions on how to do so, so as not to lose alerts after phase-out.

We will continue to use the term "ping" to indicate email alerts, regardless of which system is used. "Set Up Pings" will direct the user to the appropriate service.

The registration process for Google Feedburner is similar to what we previously employed, amounting to nothing more than a simple email verification process. Give it a try: Register now!