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11 Mar 2012 18:32
New OFFLINE feature: Take items temporarily offline. But why? 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 1) Now you can take any of your feed items offline by simply adding *offline* in the title (including the asterisks). When you want to bring it back online, simply remove *offline* from the title, and the item will re-appear unmodified.

But why would you want to take an item offline? The inspiration came as an offspring of offering freelance items on your feed for advertisers. To grant an item to a freelancer/advertiser, the account owner first has to create a "place saver" item in order to specify a freelance password -- the password the advertiser uses to gain access to just that item. But it's not so cool to have the place saver item hanging out in your feed waiting for the advertiser to post something. The solution is to add *offline* to the place saver item title, and when the advertiser posts his/her item using the Re-Post function, their item will go online (unless they decide to include *offline* in the title).

When an item is offline, it will not be displayed either on a website when syndicated there using Enfeedia's shootOnSite script, nor will it appear in the NewsPage for that news feed. The item is preserved on the feed, and in fact will appear in the xml version of the feed (because others do not support an offline feature).

The offline feature is not limited to freelance items. It can be used for any kind of feed hosted by Enfeedia. For example, you may wish to be composing an item for publication but not yet have it appear on your website, or perhaps want to prepare a calendar item but want to defer its public appearance until the date draws near. Simply keep *offline* in the title until it's ready for prime time.

The offline feature is available now (or I would have included *offline* in its title) and is available at all membership levels.