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07 Mar 2012 09:26
How to make money from your feeds, Part 2 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) In Part 2, I show how you can make money by "consigning" one or more items in your feed to advertisers -- anyone who is willing to pay you money to have their message commingle with your feed items, and to be able to update their message whenever they want, as often as they want. It's based on the unique Freelance feature of Enfeedia.

Here's how: Create a "place-saver" item (e.g., "coming soon...") item on your feed and assign to it a Freelance Password. Provide that password to the advertiser in return for whatever payment or consideration you want, and send them instructions on how to post their message (to replace the place-saver message). Your advertiser simply clicks the shootOnSite link associated with the feed, enters the freelance password you gave them, and then proceed to fill out the form, just like you do to post an news item, to post their message.

Freelancers, and therefore your advertiser, is denied some of the features of Enfeedia for security so you need not worry about what they can do when logged in to post their message.

Should the number of items in your feed be the limit for your membership level when you attempt to add another item, the auto-deletion feature (of the oldest item) excludes deletion of freelance items. So the advertisers' items don't fall of the end of the feed as your feed grows in terms of the number of items.

The Freelance feature is supported at the Publisher-Pro membership level.

Give it a try. Create an item in your feed, assign it a freelance password, and approach a party you think might be interested. The more pervasive your feed is on the internet, the more valuable that item is to an advertiser. If you are sufficiently active in posting items on your feed, it will appear in the Featured Member Feeds section on the Enfeedia home page -- how's that for exposure. And it also appears in your Hub, a recently announced feature. Syndicate your feed on your home page and add more value to your freelance items. (To get instructions for syndicating your feed, open the NewsPage for your feed and click the "Syndicate" link in the link strip at the top of the page.)