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16 Feb 2012 12:35
Introducing Member Hubs! 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 1) Every member now enjoys the benefit of his/her individual Hub. The Hub is the member's central location for important connections on the internet.

Specifically, what's a Hub?

A Hub is a webpage dedicated to an account for a member that (1) lists all feeds in the account, (2) lists all Enfeedia-hosted feeds that the member is tracking using Ping email alerts, (3) lists all feed items for Enfeedia-hosted feeds for which this member has posted a FeedBack comment, and (4) displays the member's "directory" feed, also a new feature of Enfeedia. The listings also include some tools that are useful to visitors to the Hub for reading a feed, subscribing to a feed, setting up Ping email alerts, and syndicating a feed.

How is one's Hub found by others?

(1) If the member is sufficiently active in posting items on a feed, the feed and account name will appear in the Featured Feeds section on the home page of Enfeedia. And if not there, then possibly on the Top 100 RSS Feeds that one sees when the Top 100 link presented just below the Featured Feeds listing. Then, if one clicks the account name on the Top 100 listing, the Hub for that account is opened in a new tab/page. (Note that "link juice" gets passed from the high-ranking Enfeedia home page to Hubs.)

(2) If one posts a FeedBack comment on any feed hosted by Enfeedia that has FeedBack enabled, the comment is preceded by one's account name which is a link to the Hub for the commenter's account. What's cool about this is that others who are engaged in a discussion about an item will see those links associated with the comments and perhaps click over to a Hub to learn about a person posting a comment. And in your Hub, you will see a line for each item you posted a comment in, with a "Read" button that will display the item including all comments for that item.

(3) Effective today, every feed NewsPage now includes a link to the account Hub for that feed. The link is located just below the "See Also" link that some of you are using with effect. So you can see that the more you promote your feed, the more others will encounter that link and perhaps click over to your Hub.

(4) You can put a link on your website to your Hub. The address for your Hub is the same as the address for your feed but with the feed name excluded. For example, if your feed address is www.enfeedia.com/see/MY_ACCOUNT/MY_FEED.xml the address for your Hub is www.enfeedia.com/see/MY_ACCOUNT/ .

(5) You can promote your Hub in any of the feeds you publish.

(6) You can promote your Hub in your email signature with a live link to your Hub.

Why do you care if someone visits your Hub?

Two good reasons: First, the visitor will see your list of feeds in your Hub. The visitor may choose to explore your feeds and get involved with your endeavor.

Second, the visitor will see your "directory" feed which, being a standard feed, can be anything you want. You can post ads, links to various websites you may publish or websites of others that you like and for which you perhaps get some return favors, to online images and videos. Items in your directory feed can include images and videos if you are at least a Publisher premium member (which you can get at reduced rates, even free). Please note that the feed name "directory" is reserved for this purpose, for automatically displaying the in the Hub (i.e., syndicated in the Hub). So, create a "directory" feed as you would any other feed, and see it appear in your Hub.

Take a look at your Hub today to see how it is constructed. Here are a couple of examples from two of our members: www.enfeedia.com/see/carolmurrayrealestate/ and www.enfeedia.com/see/goldmountain/ . Check them out!