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05 Feb 2012 12:47
How to make money from your feeds, Part 1 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) In Part 1, I show how to make money from your feed NewsPage by configuring your NewsPage to present Google ads with the Google AdSense program ... that pay to you! You must have at least an Enfeedia Publisher premium membership but check out how you can get a free Publisher account. Until today, you had to have an Enterprise membership to embed your Adsense ads.

Here's how to configure your NewsPage:

(1) Open an AdSense account with Google. Follow their process as if you intend to get the code for installing Google ads on you website. Don't concern yourself with the ad format or any other details, you just want to get your Adsense account code. That's all you need.

(2) Then, edit your feed (go to "Set Up Feeds"), and locate the place on the data entry form where you enter the Google Adsense account code; it will be in the NEWSPAGE SIDEBAR CONTENTS section towards the bottom of the form. Enter the account code in the place provided. You're done.

From that point on, Google ads will appear in the right sidebar of the NewsPage in which your feed appears. Google inserts ads that are generally consistent with your news feed topic, because Google knows that people interested in your content will also be interested in the ads having the same topic. That's good for you, too, because you get paid each time an ad is clicked by a visitor. (Caution: be aware that it is against Google terms of service to click your own ads! Be sure to read all about that, and other aspects of the AdSense program including statistics and payment reporting, on the Google website.)

Be sure to promote your feed to bring eyeballs to the ads. The more ad clicks, the more money you make. Three easy ways to promote your feed are:

(1) Include a text-link on your website to your feed NewsPage. Click here to get the text-link code for your feed.

(2) Include a text-link in your email signature so that every time you send email, you are also telling the recipient about your NewsPage. Use the same text-link code as for (1) above.

(3) Share your NewsPage on Facebook or other social networking site. Here's how: Open your NewsPage, then use any of the social network buttons across the top or associated with any in your feed. Include an interesting comment for your readers about what you are sharing, and submit it.