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19 Jan 2012 11:53
Introducing the Enfeedia Associates Program and Invitation to Join 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 4) We are making preparations to introduce our Enfeedia Associates program. The concept is driven by the observation that people come to the Enfeedia website to investigate the application of RSS feeds to their online marketing program, to promote their ventures and endeavors. RSS feeds are indeed a powerful element of such marketing programs, but of course there are other elements that comprise an overall effective solution. We also recognize that our members may lack the full range of skills and knowledge necessary to maximize the effectiveness of their online presence.

Therefore we have decided to incorporate into the Enfeedia website articles from experts in a wide range of speciality areas pertaining to effective online publishing. Typically those articles will be tips and 'how-to' advice that Enfeedia members will find useful, and will also present our members with points of contact with those experts should they wish to directly engage them in their online communications endeavors.

The areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, website design, search engine optimization, video production and presentation, copy development and editing, social networking, press releases, graphic art design, and photo image processing.

Enfeedia Associates will be Enfeedia 'Freelance' writers who will each be provided a spot on one of several RSS feeds that will appear at strategic places on the Enfeedia website. As such, they will be able to publish articles whenever and as often as they want, taking advantage of all the features of Enfeedia-hosted RSS feeds.

We are now accepting requests to join the Enfeedia Associates program. If your organization provides services that facilitate and enhance online communications, then contact us so we may evaluate your organization for the program; please include your website URL. If you know of an organization -- perhaps one with whom you are already working -- that might benefit from becoming an Enfeedia Associate, please pass this message to them and/or refer them to us. I think they will appreciate your recommendation.

Your help in developing the Enfeedia Associates program to benefit all of our members as well as casual site visitors considering membership is appreciated. Your comments and suggestions are also appreciated, so feel free to leave FeedBack comments for this news item (click the FeedBack link). If you are not currently an Enfeedia member, why not take this opportunity to sign up (for FREE) and enjoy the benefits of RSS feed publishing. Visit our website!