Our "enfeedia" Feed

08 Dec 2011 17:19
Enfeedia-published RSS feed + attached reader comments = interactive blogging: Introducing Enfeedia's new FeedBack feature. 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 3) With our new FeedBack feature, you can enable the posting of comments for feed items. A FeedBack Channel is dedicated to each item with the comments presentation one click away. Embedded at the beginning of each item description is a "FeedBack" link that opens a NewsPage showing just that specific item followed by a tool for posting comments and all previously posted comments.

For an example, check out the NewsPage for Enfeedia's "Tips" feed for which FeedBack has been enabled.

Now you can more thoroughly engage your viewers and keep them comin' back. There is widespread agreement that blogging is a very strong tool to bring your business to the attention of others whom you can convert into followers or customers with your call to action. When a person posts a FeedBack comment, (s)he is rewarded with a text-link posted with that comment that connects others to the comment posters Enfeedia feed directory where others can learn about him/her. Consider the viral benefits of posting FeedBack comments.

When you publish your RSS feed with Enfeedia, you are just a few steps away from integrating your blog into your website. Whether you use the previously announced BlogBlender tool to display recent postings or just install an RSS icon on your site that when clicked opens your blog in the browser or in your NewsPage, your blog can be front-and-center on your home page, or of course anywhere you want to install it on your site.

Consider posting FeedBack comments for your own items to update readers on what's transpired since your item was posted, and perhaps to stir up conversation that will motivate folks to stay engaged with your endeavor.

WIth the RSS feed being the engine that produces the blog, you can get all the benefits of RSS in spreading the word. People can subscribe to your blog using any of a myriad of feed readers including browsers, they can register for email alerts to be notified when you post new items, they can simply bookmark your Enfeedia-published NewsPage that contains your blog. Your blog can be syndicated anywhere for more exposure ... with the FeedBack comments always just one click away. By the way, your NewsPage is indexed by search engines such that it can appear in search engine results pages.

Have a facebook account? Use an app such as RSS Graffiti to automatically post items -- blog posts -- on your facebook Wall and/or on any of your Pages. Again, with the FeedBack Channels one click away to engage your facebook friends. When one posts a FeedBack comment, it immediately appears with all instantiations of the blog. So if, for example, one posts a comment on your item appearing on your Facebook Wall, it will also show on your website, in feed readers ... wherever your feed appears.

FeedBack requires a Publisher membership. Log into your Enfeedia account and upgrade today (at My Account) to leverage all the benefits of publishing RSS feeds.