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01 Nov 2011 10:31
Seamlessly blend your blog feed onto your website home page in minutes with Enfeedia's BlogBlender 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Why bury your blog in an interior page of your website, or worse, send your hard-earned site visitors off to some blog hosting site instead of keeping them on your site? Instead, immerse your site visitors into your story and captivate them when they land on your home page. Did you know search engines know how long a visitor stays on a webpage they found from an internet search and give your website more "search value" for the search term they used?

Why thumb through template after template for your blog trying to find one that coordinates with your website design? Instead, give your blog the exact look-and-feel of your website that you carefully designed, because it "inherits" that design.

Why ignore the SEO benefits to your website by failing to incorporate your blog onto your home page? Instead, blend your Enfeedia-hosted feed-driven blog onto your home page such that your blog contents are crawled and indexed by search engines. Did you know search engines love fresh content and RSS feeds? With Enfeedia, your RSS feed is the underlying driver of your blog. Whenever you post a new item on your blog feed, your webpage hosting the feed is automatically updated.

BlogBlender is simply an Enfeedia-supplied pre-defined code snippet you insert in your home page (or any page) that invokes the Enfeedia shootOnSite RSS Feed Reader script. Working together, they present your blog feed on your webpage just as if they were hard-coded there.

Two code snippets are provided, one that presents your blog items in the traditional vertical column format, the other presents those items in a horizontal row format. The horizontal format is especially convenient for website designs where it's difficult to carve out a vertical column of space.

These code snippets are NewsOnSite snippets that have pre-defined variables providing the best blending of your blog feed into your webpage. If you wish, you can customize them to achieve other effects. If so, go to "Stylize & Promote Feeds" at Enfeedia and make your option choices.

Once you have opened an Enfeedia account for any membership level and published your blog feed, you are only four steps away from presenting your blog on your website. (1) Go to "Stylize & Promote Feeds" to select your BlogBlender code snippet and (2) to download the shootOnSite script. (3) Insert the code snippet into your webpage. (4) Then simply upload your BlogBlended webpage and the shootOnSite script to your server. Detailed instructions are provided at "Stylize & Promote Feeds".