Our "enfeedia" Feed

24 Jun 2011 18:13
Experiment with on-site feed syndication without even creating an Enfeedia account 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Want to see what a feed would look like on your site before registering an account at Enfeedia and publishing your own feed? Now you can do that using Enfeedia's news feed as an example. Your server must support "php", but most do. Here's how:

(1) Fetch the shootOnSite script from the Enfeedia server by going to enfeedia.com/promote-news.php and clicking the "Download File" button near the bottom of the page. Then upload the script to your server (place it in the same folder that holds the webpage file). Do not change the filename of the script.

(2) Insert a code snippet on your webpage at a place where you want the feed to appear, then upload your revised page to your server. Click here to get that code snippet. Copy all of it and paste it into your webpage code.

The number of items displayed, the length of the item descriptions, and some other parameters are set to default value for this demo. In practice, you have control over a variety of parameters affecting what's presented and the appearance of what's presented.