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03 May 2011 17:48
Enfeedia announces "library" feeds to cache recurring or re-usable items 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Have you ever wanted to write up a feed item for later publication because you have the information at hand now and want to do it while the idea is fresh? Have you wanted to recycle items for events that recur, even with differing details (seminars, product specials, etc)? Have you wished you could create a repository of feed items for various events or promotions and then release them, perhaps with revisions, when the time is right? Have you wanted to draft a complicated item and preview it without publishing until you get it exactly right? Then you will like this new RSS feed publishing feature from Enfeedia.

Effectively immediately, you can build your own respository for stashing feed items simply by naming the feed "library". That's all you have to do. A feed with that name is not published, but the contents are stored in the Enfeedia database. You can review, edit, add items just like any other feed. When you decide to use one of the saved items, simply edit the item in the library feed (even if no changes are to be made), and after you submit it, take advantage of the opportunity to copy the item to another feed in your account -- or even other accounts for which you were provided an "editor" password. Specify the desired feed, and it will be added to that feed, and the item instantly published on that feed.

In similar fashion, if you find that you previously posted an item that you would like to add to your library for re-use at a later time, simply edit that feed, making changes if you wish, and copy it to your library feed.

In effect, you can think of your library feed as a scratchpad or cache for feed items, organized as a feed. But not published. Organize your long term promotion programs, your various seminars, your investment advice newsletter, your product upgrade announcements, and so on, as a project. Then, as time passes, select the items from your library, update them if conditions warrant, and let 'em rip out to the public in one of your feeds.