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02 May 2011 15:28
Horizontal layout of news items for OnSite display now supported by Enfeedia.com 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Previously, when you syndicated (embedded) a news feed on your website, although you are given a considerable number of parameters to control that display, you were not able to specify that the items should appear horizontally across the page in addition to their vertical layout. Now that’s changed. When you get your code snippet at Enfeedia (click "Stylize & Promote Feeds"), you will find you now can choose between vertical and horizontal layout of items on the page.

What’s the big deal? It turns out that Enfeedia members often find that it’s easier to add a horizontal space across their website than a vertical column without considerable rework of the page design. If nothing else, it’s a piece of cake to present the feed in a horizontal band across the bottom of the page. Better yet, find a break in the page more near the middle and insert it there for more eyeballs.