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27 Apr 2011 17:18
New feature to specify the number of items to present in a NewsPage, and specify if randomly selected or not 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Until today, the number of items present on the unique Enfeedia NewsPage was the complete feed -- all items -- unlike displaying a feed on a webpage where you select the number of items to present. With the update to the ShootOnSite scripts released today, you can now control how many items in a feed to display on any NewsPage. This feature is particularly useful for feeds with many items posted where one doesn't want to delete those "old" items but wishes to display only the more current items, if for no other reason, to save page loading time.

Also, you can specify whether the items displayed are selected based on chronology or selected at random from all items in the feed; this feature is like the random selection feature recently released for feeds displayed OnSite. We've heard from members who would like to create large galleries of items but present a subset of them randomly selected.

Note that the XML feed file includes all the item such that non-Enfeedia readers and aggregators will show all items. Of course, all items remain in the Enfeedia database and are available for editing, reposting, etc. One could decide to implement a plan where items not currently being shown are re-posted to gain the top positions and thereby appear on the NewsPage, pushing other items off the page, for the purpose of "rotating' items based on seasons, events, sales, etc.

To make your selections, go to Stylize & Promote Feeds and navigate to Stylize Your NewsPage; you will see two entries to control these features.