Our "enfeedia" Feed

19 Feb 2011 20:18
A Directory of the Top 100 feeds now linked to from the Enfeedia home page 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) WIth the addition of the Top 100 feed directory, search engines will now index the feeds and pass "page rank juice" to the feeds from Enfeedia. The inbound link from Enfeedia to the feed's NewsPage will help to move the NewsPage webpage higher in SERP (search engine results pages) which in turn will bring more traffic to the feed.

The Top 100 are determined by a number of parameters, but basically, it's a matter of frequency and recency of postings onto the feed. To ensure your feed stays on the list, be sure to post items on your feed from time to time ... but make sure they are quality items having relevancy to your feed topic and interest to your viewers.