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13 Sep 2010 09:53
Facebook 'Share' button now available for news items on NewsPages and 'Like' button for your NewsPage 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) The free Enfeedia membership now includes the feature of Facebook 'Share' buttons on individual news feed items shown on NewsPages. Clicking the Share button provides the ability for a Facebook user to post a comment, with a link to your news item, on the user's Facebook Profile ("Wall"). That action further results in that comment being published on the Facebook activity feeds ("News Feed") for that user's friends and friends-of-friends. Additionally, selection of this feature also includes a 'Like' button at the top of your NewsPage that lets Facebook users tell other Facebook users they like your overall NewsPage.

Imagine the additional promotional capability of Enfeedia's RSS publishing system given the ability for viewers of your feed to share your items with their friends and friends-of-friends, and the additional promotion when they in turn decide to "like" the feed item.

To add Share buttons to your news feed items and a Like button to your NewsPage, simply edit your feed (go to Set Up Feeds) and enable the feature in the data entry form.