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15 Jul 2010 11:28
Introducing Enfeedia's Subchannel Feeds 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Following on the heels of the announcement of provision of a 'Calendar Feed' type, Enfeedia now announces avaiability of its 'Subchannel Feed' type.

The Subchannel feed type derives its name as an extension of RSS feeds often being referred to as 'Channels'.

With a subchannel feed, you can group items in your feed by categories that you assign when posting items onto the feed. Using Enfeedia's 'shootOnSite' feed reader and Enfeedia's 'NewsPage' mini-website feed reader, the items are presented within their respective categories under caterogy tities, and presented in reverse posting order within those groupings just like a standard news feed.

Read this item on our 'Tips' feed to learn more about this new feature and compare it to standard feeds and Calendar feeds.