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08 Jul 2010 14:48
Now Available from Enfeedia: Calendar Feeds 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Traditionally RSS feeds present items in the order in which they are published. That's perfect for breaking news, but is awkward when feeds are used for calendar driven events -- meetings, recreational events, seminars, entertainment events, and so on -- for which viewers of the feed would like to see the items in order of the event date, not the posting date.

Moreover, the items should be posted in chronological order, not reverse chronological order as is the case for traditional feeds, such that the "top" item is the next upcoming event, and items below that in the feed are events going off into the future.

By marking a feed as a "Calendar Feed", Enfeedia re-sequences your postings according to the event date (and optionally time) that you specify, no matter when you post an item onto the feed. The event date is separate from the posting date for items, so users can also view the feed sorted by posting date if they wish.

Additionally, you can optionally direct Enfeedia to present your Calendar feed on Enfeedia's "NewsPage" feed reader to display both "upcoming events" sorted chronologically as described above, and in another column, display "past events" in reverse chronological order so that you view the most recent past event at the top of the feed. This two-column presentation is ideal for events that include some follow-up action, such as for upcoming meeting announcements coupled with meeting minutes subsequently published. As time goes by, Enfeedia automatically moves items from the "upcoming events" column to the "past events". Click here for an example.

And as always with Enfeedia, people can register for "ping" email such that they receive automatic notification whenever you post an item on your feed.