Our "enfeedia" Feed

20 Mar 2010 09:03
NEW: One-click login direct to feed from browser bookmark 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Making Enfeedia even easier to use, now you can login directly to your feed from a browser bookmark that is specific to your account and a predetermined feed. When you click the bookmark, the login page opens for that feed. Login to open the page for adding and editing the feed. And once in your account, you can select other feeds as well.

So now, when are are surfing the 'net and come across something you'd like to mention on your feed, simply click the bookmark, click "add", and enter the information on the form Enfeedia presents to you.

It's easy to set up the bookmark; here's how. Click the "shootOnSite" link associated with the desired feed. The page that open is the login page for that feed. Bookmark it and you're done.

As a reminder, you will find that "shootOnSite" link at the bottom of your news feed when displayed on your site, and at the top of the feed's NewsPage that is presented when you click the red-and-green "E" icon associated with the desired feed.