Our "enfeedia" Feed

11 Dec 2009 16:12
Category feature enhanced to offer Freelancers ability to add to the feed Category field 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Prior to this enhancement, Freelancers were not permitted to change the value in the "Category" field of the RSS feed. The feed owner could lock down the category value, giving the owner control over on-site displays using filters.

WIth this change, the Freelancer can add words to the category, with those words being appended to what the feed owner specified. This provides the feed owner to further filter the on-site feed display to select only those items that match the Freelancer's addition.

For example, if a Freelancer is assigned to a spot on a feed pertaining to real estate, the Freelancer could include the MLS number for the home being descreibed in the Category field. The feed owner could display the feed on site in a place where that home is described, and display the feed item only for that home, using the filtering feature, so only that home in the feed appears at that spot on the website.