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10 Dec 2009 14:12
Enfeedia introduces new +PING button for easy sign-up for ping email 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Following on the announcement of the Ping feature, Enfeedia announces the availability of code snippets to display a +PING button on your website. When the +PING button is clicked, a screen is opened to provide the ability to register for ping email when new items are posted on the feed associated with that +PING button. The screen that opens is the same one that open when the "Set Up Pings" link at the top of the NewsPage is clicked.

For an example, see the top of the Enfeedia home page. You will find the +PING button under the Painless Tutorial link.

To get the code snippet for the +PING button, go to Stylize & Promote Feeds and follow the on-screen instructions.