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19 Nov 2009 09:11
Dateline enhancement to Freelance items 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Enfeedia introduces the 'Dateline' feature to items posted by Freelance writers. Dateline is a term used within the newspaper industry to indicate the location origin of the story (e.g., Washington) but no longer actually includes date or time information. The dateline will appear at the beginning of the news item description (e.g., "WASHINGTON - The president signed into law today a bill that...").

The owner of an Enfeedia-hosted news feed can pre-set the dateline for freeelance items in that feed, i.e., the freelancer does not enter the dateline. Additionally, the owner of the feed can control whether the dateline is just plain text or is a text-link to a separate Log Feed in which the freelancer's postings accumulate. (A freelancer's Log Feed offers additional publication or promotional value to the freelancer.)

A significant value of the dateline is offering the owner of the feed containing freelance postings the ability to include a distinctive label for each freelancer's postings. For example, if the theme of a feed is travel destinations, and if freelance writers are assigned to various destinations, the dateline can be used to indicate that travel destination without imposing on the freelancer some convention on the postings to provide that indication. Similarly, if the theme is investments, the dateline could indicate "stocks", "bonds", "real estate" and so on, with a freelance writer assigned to each investment topic.

For an example of the use of datelines, see Vacation Rentals In The News.