Our "enfeedia" Feed

17 Sep 2009 15:09
New ReadAFeed entry into Enfeedia for streamlined reading and posting feeds 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) If you browse to readafeed.com, you will enter Enfeedia in 'lite' mode. This mode provides a streamlined way to read a feed only knowing the account name. You will be given a list of feeds in that account if the account isn't unlisted. Or if it is unlisted, you can enter the feed name directly.

Once the NewsPage for the selected feed is displayed using this lite mode, you can edit it (add items, edit items, delete items) in a more streamlined fashion by clicking the shootOnSite link at the upper left of the NewsPage.

For lite mode, the assumption is made you already have some experience using Enfeedia, because much of the explanatory information is removed in lite mode. However, even with very little experience using Enfeedia, you will find using lite mode pretty obvious.

The streamlined format of ReadAFeed is especially convenient for cell phone access to Enfeedia for posting items and reading feeds, because of the reduced text and narrow screen format appropriate for call phone viewing.

Give it a try with your free account.