Our "enfeedia" Feed

17 Oct 2017 15:17
Are you encountering problems with Enfeedia? I really need your feedback. 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) I'm concerned. Some of you open an account but do not start a feed. Some of you do start a feed but don't post an item on it. And others post one item and never post more. What I'm concerned about is you being confused about the product or encountering a problem. I want to eliminate any issue that discourages you from using Enfeedia and enjoying its many benefits. But you have to tell me! Please go to the Contact page and tell me your story.

While I have your attention, here are some important things about posting an item:

1. Keep in mind that until an item is posted on a feed you create, it is not published. The reason? There's nothing to publish.

2. Be sure to give the reader of your posting a way to follow up on your item. An easy way is to make the Item Title a link to your website. Simply enter the URL in the "Item Link URL" field. You'll find it as one of the drop-down forms on the page where you enter your posting. In the case of my post here, I made the Item Title link to the Contact page of this site. But you can also include your URL (or phone number or email address) in the Description of the item ... like this: Tell me your story at www.enfeedia.com/contact-us.php . (Leave a space at the end of the URL, and make sure there is more in your Description after the URL.

3. You can upload photo to be embedded in your posting. Use the "Image URL" feature. Several options are provided.

There are many more features (such as embedding YouTube videos), but the above will give you a robust feed.

Check out the two feeds published by Enfeedia customers published on our home page. You will see expert presentations of their businesses!

Almost forgot -- Post items often to get the full benefits. And to really get attention, syndicate your feed on your own website. It's easy -- just a matter of inserting a line of code on your website. We provide that code based on your instructions you provide us.

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