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16 Nov 2016 12:48
Support added for PNG and GIF images formats --- for Item Image 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) We now support the popular PNG and GIF image formats in addition to JPG for images you can include with your item posting. This is the image that is displayed next to your item.

In addition to simply using the URL for the image when it's posted online somewhere, or by referencing the image on Flickr, you can upload the image file directly from your computer. You click "choose file" on the "Image URL" screen where you make an image selection when posting your item, and you are given the ability to search your computer directory and select the desired image. You can also upload an image from your camera app whether it's a photo you took some time ago or take at the time you are writing your posting.

The upload feature is particularly interesting for taking screen shots that your item refers to, whether it be simply an image of some website page, or a photo shown online somewhere, or a map, or for providing instructions where a screen shot greatly enhances understanding. Put simply, anything you see on your screen can be captured by a screen shot and included in your item. (Screen shots on Apple devices are PNG format.)

Support for the GIF format is not only beneficial because of widespread use of that format, but because it also gives you the opportunity to display eye-catching animated graphics. Photoshop as well as other apps such as ezgif offer the ability to create animated GIFs.