Our "enfeedia" Feed

02 Jun 2009 16:06
Category Filter feature added to provide enhanced control over news feed on-site display. 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) With the new category filter feature, items in a feed can be selectively displayed. The feed publisher can enter target words into the feed category field (a standard field on all RSS feeds) when adding or editing a feed item. Using Enfeedia's shootOnSite script for displaying the feed on a website, filters can be specified which are compared to the target words in the category field. Only items having a target word matching the filter are displayed.

Two filters are available. If both are specified, both must match target words for an item to be displayed.

As an example, consider a feed which presents news for cities in various states. The category for each item can contain the city and state names (using underscores to connect multi-word names). By specify a state name filter with the shootOnSite script, only items pertaining to that state will be displayed. If the second filter specifies a city name, then only items pertaining that city in that state will be displayed.