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19 Mar 2016 11:51
The proper way to do "email blasts" to keep you out of trouble 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) You may be tempted to blast out email to a large group from time to time. You need to be careful! No matter how innocent your email may seem to you, your email could be graded as spam by email service providers. They continue to tighten the screws on spamming, and even you're non-spam message might be harshly treated. You are at the mercy of the email service providers.

One consequence is that you might get blacklisted, which means your future emails could go undelivered. There are dozens of ways that could occur. You could also have your email account suspended or worse, cancelled, if you exceed your permitted number of email "relays" in a given unit of time (e.g., day, month). The total of email address on your To, From, Cc, and Bcc lines is your number if relays for that each email.

The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 is very specific about spamming. In the extreme, a person could face a penalty of thousands of dollars for spamming. Among other things, it requires people to only be included to receive bulk email by opting in, and with every such email be offered the ability to opt out. Keep in mind, Enfeedia is not a legal advisor; it's important for you to know what the requirements are.

So what's the proper way to send bulk email (aka email blasts)? Interestingly, it doesn't even call for you to write an email at all. Here's how.

Publish a feed -- like the one you are reading now -- using Enfeedia! Invite people to join (opt in). You can do so in many ways: from your website, from your Facebook account, from Twitter messages, from individual email correspondence, even word of mouth. Enfeedia's NewsPage that is automatically generated for each feed includes a method to opt in. Enfeedia provides code you can use for your followers to opt in.

When you publish an item on your feed, the message is transmitted as an email -- we call it FeedMail -- by our email distribution partners to all those who have opted in. Those partners are compliant with the opt-in and opt-out legal aspects of bulk email. And you send no email through your email service provider.

Be safe. Follow the rules.Use an Enfeedia-published feed to handle the pesky aspects of email distribution through our email distribution partners.