Our "enfeedia" Feed

25 Aug 2014 15:44
Enfeedia announces a collaboration with Blogtrottr for a powerful email alerts delivery service we call FeedMail 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Since Yahoo ended their email alert system for feeds, Communicator members have been denied that important feature. Now, with our new collaboration with Blogtrottr, we are able to not only reinstate an email delivery service, but one that is much simpler than what Yahoo had offered.

Like the Yahoo service and the FeedBurner service for premium accounts, email gets issued to persons when items are posted on feeds to which the persons subscribe. Unlike those other services, subscribers can, if they wish, take control of options offered by Blogtrotter, like selecting a delivery interval for "digests". (The default is 2 hours.)

Blogtrotter email delivery service is also available to premium members in addition to FeedBurner. However, we cannot guarantee how much longer we will continue to support FeedBurner. New subscribers are encouraged to use the Blogtrottr system going forward. Enfeedia will provide, at no cost to our members, porting of email addresses of FeedBurner subscribers over to Blogtrottr; that offer will not continue indefinitely. Stay tuned for more information about our ongoing plans regarding FeedBurner.

Enfeedia now offers, in the Promote section of the website, Enfeedia feed publishers to get code snippets for two kinds of widgets that when installed in a website, provide the means for for site visitors to subscribe to our publishers' feeds. The graphic button widget takes little space and opens a page for entering an email address, whereas the form widget includes the email entry right there on the web page.

You can check out the button widget for Enfeedia News on the Enfeedia home page, and for our Tips and Articles feeds in the right sidebar off the home page.