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02 Nov 2013 15:09
ENFEEDIA IS NOW FULLY MOBILE-IZED and features improved navigation 
photoenfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) The fully "responsive" version of Enfeedia RSS feed publishing system has been released today. "Responsive" means that the presentation of information on the device is automatically adjusted for the screen size of the device. The user experience is identical across all popular platforms ... desktop, laptops, tablets, phablets, and phones.

Learn the system on one platform, use it on other platforms without relearning the system. No longer is Enfeedia on a phone just a shrunken website that requires panning and zooming.

Why did we do this? Because the online world is surging to mobile devices at breakneck speed. When it comes to reporting news, you just might be on the go when you come across news. Capture the news onto your feed while it is still news.

You can post your news with your phone or tablet as easily as you do on your desktop or laptop computer. And increasingly it's the case that people opt for tablets rather than owning desktop or laptop computers.

About the improved navigation... On the home page, three menu selections send you off into three distinctly different directions. "Explore" lets you learn about RSS feeds and the Enfeedia feed publishing system without having to create an account. "Publish" is your private space for creating feeds and posting/editing items on your feeds, and for viewing your account information; you must log in to your account to enter this space. Finally, "Promote" provide all the tools necessary to promote your feeds ... and as a consequence your website as well. You do not need to log in to use Promote, and that means others can promote your feeds as well. Think search engine optimization, not just communicating your feeds to others.

We heard from you that many of our screens carried too much information, that although valuable when learning the system, becomes clutter once you have used the system for awhile. So we've taken this opportunity to streamline the system by moving much of the supporting "help" information from those working screens and put it in pop-up windows. "Help" links you encounter along the way pop open those windows to present helpful information for the content associated with the help links.

As always, there is no software to download; we're "in the cloud", and that's where your feeds are hosted. You publish feeds by simply filling out forms, and we do the heavy lifting. If you send and read email, and browse the internet, you have all the skills needed to publish RSS feeds using Enfeedia.

Keep in mind the benefits of the NewsPage presentation of your feed, automatically generated by Enfeedia for each feed you publish. It offers means to share the feed and items within the feed on popular social networks. Viewers can also set up email alerts for the feed such that they are notified when new items are posted. And the NewsPage is highly customizable so that you can include information specific to your endeavor ... text, pictures, videos ... to turn your feed-driven NewsPage into a website for search engines to crawl and to capture the interest of viewers who then can click over to your website.

Comments, suggestions, or (ugh) bugs to report? Let us know; contact us by clicking the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the home page.