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30 Dec 2008 15:12
Enfeedia announces new Image OnSite Display Suppression feature 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) If you've been caught between wanting a large image embedded in your feed item description and the impact of load time of the page showing that image, you now have a solution. With the Image OnSite Display Suppression feature, you can include a large image with your description but cause a camera icon to be substituted into the OnSite display of your feed (using the ShootOnSite feature). When one clicks the camera icon, the image is opened. But because the small camera icon is presented in place of your image, the load time of your web page is not affected.

This feature only affects display of the image when the feed is displayed on your web page.Your image is not suppressed in the NewsPage display and is included in your feed, at thumbnail size. And when that thumbnail image is clicked, either a full size version of the image is displayed, or a web page that you chose instead is opened.

Go to Stylize & Promote Feeds to get your code snippet to control how your feed is displayed on your web page, i.e., "OnSite".