Our "enfeedia" Feed

25 Nov 2008 07:11
The Enfeedia News Feed Publisher announces a new Freelance Logging feature. 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) With Enfeedia's Freelance Logging feature, when a freelance writer publishes an item onto a hosted feed, that item is automatically and simultaneously posted on a feed owned by the freelance writer. Whereas the freelance writer publishes only to the one (or several) item spot(s) designated by the feed owner, all those items accumulate over time on the freelance writer's feed, building a powerful tool for the freelance writer to use for his/her own benefit. Consider these applications...

A real estate advertising organization hosts a feed to which (s)he designates real estate agents as freelance writers for a fee. The advertiser places that feed on important websites reaching the real estate buying public. Agents publish onto that feed to promote their business with news pertaining to their market. And when they do, those items also accumulate in their own feed that they can use on their website, or other websites, for additional impact.

Similarly, an advertiser of vacation rentals providers can contract with those providers to display their postings on the advertisers site, as freelance writers. Their postings accumulate in their own feeds for use on their site, giving them a marketing engine to further their businesses.

And so on, for promoting other businesses like restaurants, financial advisors, and event planners. Sign up today for the "Publisher" membership to prosper from these features.