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29 Oct 2008 09:10
Improved NewsOnSite implementations using the ShootOnSite news reader script 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Implementation of NewsOnSite using the ShootOnSite news reader script has been improved, adding clarity to the instructions and improved navigation. Enfeedia's NewsOnSite feature provides you the ability to display your feed directly on your website, if your webserver supports PHP. A full explanation of support requirements are spelled out. (Most webservers provide the required support).

The feed is displayed by an Enfeedia-developed "news reader" script called ShootOnSite. You can elect to use the script that's located on the Enfeedia server or you can upload a copy onto your own server. Either way, by placing a small Enfeedia-supplied code "snippet" on one of your web site pages, the feed will be displayed right at that spot on that page. The code snippet executes the ShootOnSite script to perform that function.

Not only will visitors to your site appreciate such quick and easy access to your most current information, rather than have to search your site for what's new, but also search engines will reward your site with higher search results page placement because of the value they place on fresh content.

NewsOnSite comes with your free "Communicator" membership. Sign up now and get the benefits of on-site feed presentation!