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21 Aug 2008 15:08
New ShootOnSite script for displaying your news feed on-site 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Enfeedia is now offering two ways to display your Enfeedia-generated and hosted news feed on your own website. Choose either "NewsOnSite" or "ShootOnSite".

To use NewsOnSite, simply insert a code snippet that Enfeedia provides to you that will execute the NewsOnSite script on the Enfeedia site. Go to the "Promote News" tab at enfeedia.com to get that code.

To use ShootOnSite,
(1) download our ShootOnSite script and upload it to the directory that holds the web page upon which you want to display your feed, and
(2) install a code snippet that Enfeedia provides (that executes that local script) onto your webpage where you want that feed displayed.

Both cases require that your host support PHP. But whereas your host must also support "PHP external includes" for NewsOnSite, not so for ShootOnSite. So if your host us unwilling to support those "external includes", ShootOnSite is just the thing for you.

For an example of ShootOnSite, view the Run Away To Santa Fe Vacation Rentals website. Look about midway down the page.

Download the ShootOnSite script here. We are in the process of adding the code snippet generator for ShootOnSite, but in the meantime, here is a simple version you can try: