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12 Aug 2008 15:08
Enfeedia announces new 'Freelancer' feature. 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Available immediately, Enfeedia's FreeLancer feature.

With this feature, the owner of an RSS news feed can assign writing privileges to a freelance writer for any feed item or items. Privilege is granted by providing a Freelance Password, done so on an item-by-item basis. The same Freelance Password can be assigned to multiple items across multiple feeds owned by one owner to give the freelance writer access to all those items, conveniently offering those items to the writer once signed in. A freelancer signs in using the account name and the special Freelance Password -- that's it.

Until the account owner revokes the password, the freelancer can maintain the item as consistent with the assignment. Then at some point, the assignment can be discontinued simply by deleting the password.

Consider these examples of applications:

-- The owner of a stock-tracking news feed can assign writing responsibilities to specialists on those individual stocks.
-- A department manager can assign writing responsibilities to direct reports using the feed as a real-time no-email auto-alerting status reporting system.
-- A real estate broker can assign writing responsibilities to individual agents in the office to produce a comprehensive brokerage information feed for clients.
-- An entrepreneurial account owner can offer an advertising feed, for restaurants for example, where each restaurant can provide a freelance writer to post promotional information, including posting seasonal specials, menu changes, holiday events, and so on.

The Freelancer feature is available at the "Publisher" membership level and higher.