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23 Jul 2008 16:07
Announcing release of the personal multi-feed group-published "Gazette" 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Enfeedia announces release of the "Gazette" feature and is making it available for a limited time with the "Publisher" membership.

The Gazette is a multi-feed group-published online "newspaper". One builds the custom Gazette for their account simply by filling out a form. Entries include title, subtitle, title link, additional links, and up to 16 feeds. For each feed, the user can specify how many stories to display, and how much of each story to display (with the full story presented by click a "read the feed" link).

Furthermore, for each feed, the user can specify one of three styles: "Standard" (users with a password can read any story and post to any feed), "For Members Eyes Only" (users need a special password to read the story, but can see the title), and "Owner Posting Only" (only the owner of that feed can post to that feed).

You can think of the Gazette as a multi-user blog. For each feed, a visitor to the Gazette is given the opportunity to subscribe to the feed or receive email alerts upon new postings, and to share content on popular social networking sites.

Consider the possibilities: community bulletin boards (e.g. for members of home owners associations), clubs, family shared newsletters (with each family member having his/her own feed), real estate agents, and more.

Check it out at Enfeedia.com. Sign up for the Publisher membership. Once you are enrolled, click "Publish Gazette" and get going.