Our "enfeedia" Feed

28 Apr 2008 14:04
RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT (UPDATE 2): Publisher Membership now available. 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Enfeedia announces the immediate availability of the "Publisher" membership level.

New features:

- Advertisements omitted from your NewsPage. (By the way, ads are never inserted, at any level membership, into a news feed.)

- Flexible "Editor / Reporter" feature for group collaboration. Others can post items into your feed, given a password you provide, without accessing each other's submittals. Editors have the priviege of approval of reporter news items before they appear on-line.

- More of your custom news feeds with more news items per feed. Consider creating "feed arrays" where items in a "master" feed link to "subordinate" feeds. One news feed address leads to all connected feeds. Imagine a real estate master feed with each item linking to a dedicated feed for a specific property that displays an annotated picture gallery. Check out this example NewsPage.

- Ability to insert a Google site and web search tool directly into any news item of your feed. Use your news feeds to lure readers of your feed to your website.