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05 May 2013 16:42
Check Out the SEO Features of the New Mobile-ized NewsPage 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) With the makeover of the NewsPage to make it mobile friendly, we've also added some key SEO features to the NewsPage. You'll find these in the Hub and Nub side panels of the NewsPage published in premium Publisher and Publisher-Pro membership accounts. (Click the Hub and Nub buttons on each side of the top of the page to open them.)

Much of the information is configurable by the publisher, whereas some is derived from the publisher's account and activity. To provide text and upload an image where applicable, the publisher logs into his/her account by clicking the "login" link near the top of the page.

As you read the following, keep in mind the SEO benefits of fresh, original, relevant text, images, and videos, as well as networking with other publishers. To follow along, you can open the Hub and Nub side panels for this NewsPage you are currently viewing.

The NubThe Nub includes up to four sections, all configurable by the publisher of the feed. The "About Us" section includes text and/or an image pertaining to all feeds in the publisher's Enfeedia account; what is entered in this section for any feed in the account will appear in all NewsPages. The "About This NewsPage" section likewise includes text and/or an image, but in this case, will only appear for this NewsPage; each NewsPage has a unique "About This NewsPage" section. In both cases, the publisher can provide that information and edit it whenever he wants after logging in. For the first time, publishers can upload images to Enfeedia so they do not have to find other places to store their images online.

The third section, "Our Videos", is for presenting one or two videos annotated with descriptions. One video/description pair will be shown on all NewsPages for feeds in the publisher's account, whereas the second video/description pair is shown for just this NewsPage. In other words, a different video/description pair can be included for each NewsPage.

The fourth section which by default is untitled is for presenting another feed (what is called an "alternate feed" in the original NewsPage design). The title of the section is configurable. The feed to be presented is specified when setting up or editing a feed at the "Set Up Feeds" page of the Enfeedia website.

The HubThe "Our Website" section of the Hub simply presents the link to the publisher's website. The name and link are specified by the publisher when opening an Enfeedia account, and can be edited by going to the "My Account" page.

The two FeedBack sections are automatically generated based on FeedBack comments posted by this publisher on others' feeds, and FeedBack comments posted by other publishers on this feed. This feature provides for some intriguing networking opportunities as well as SEO benefits because the relevant linking. (By the way, the publisher has five levels of control regarding the posting of FeedBack comments on his/her feed.)

There's much more to be said about the FeedBack feature. I'll save that for another posting here.

Finally, the "Our Directory" section presents the Directory feed in one's account. The Directory feed is like any other feed, the only thing being special about it is the dedicated name "directory". If a feed is given the reserved name "directory", the feed is shown here. Best practice is to use it to provide references to online assets for this publisher as well as other authoritative publishers relevant to this publisher's website and feeds.

Summary ... Whereas the original NewsPage design essentially just displayed a feed (Enfeedia generates a NewsPage for every feed), the new design provides ample opportunity to complement the feed with relevant content -- text, images, videos, additional feeds, and interactive FeedBack comments -- all of which search engines love and reward.