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29 Apr 2013 17:57
YOUR NEWSPAGES HAVE BEEN MOBILE-IZED! And enhanced with a major facelift and new features for your visitors and for SEO. 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Mobile-Friendly Design

Check out your NewsPage for your feed -- every feed published using Enfeedia comes with its own NewPage -- and witness the exciting new look. Inspired by the tidal-wave shift to smartphones and tablets, we are engaged in a project to entirely redesign Enfeedia to be mobile-friendly with the NewsPage being the first component of Enfeedia to be released in the new format.

So view your NewsPage on your mobile device and discover how readable it is on the smaller screen. No more shrinking the NewsPage to fit the screen size requiring zooming and scrolling to view its content.

The NewsPage now has four pages: the Home page that displays your feed in totality, the Alerts page for visitors to register for new-posting email alerts, the Subscribe page that tells visitors the various ways they can subscribe to your feed, and the Subscribe page that tells more advanced visitors how to publish links to your feed on their site, even to syndicate your feed.

Your NewsPage appears with a default color theme. You can select from 10 color themes (more to be added later) by logging in to the NewsPage (the login link is at the top of the page) using your login credentials for your Enfeedia account. The controls for selecting a theme are presented above the title. Once you find a color theme you like, refresh the page to cause the theme to be saved and used across the pages of your NewsPage.

Once logged in, you can also upload an image to appear with the title of your news feed presented on the page. No need to host the image somewhere else.

New Features
We couldn't resist the temptation to add new features to the NewsPage. They are tucked away in side panels called the "Nub" and the "Hub" and available to premium members. To see what they are about, open the NewsPage for Enfeedia News.

The Nub (comes with the Publisher membership)
Nub is defined as the "point, gist, or heart of something". The NewsPage Nub is where you present information that is central to your website or feed, including text, images, videos, and even a secondary feed. Click the Hub button at the top of the page to slide open the panel and check out the contents.

The Hub (comes with the Publisher-Pro membership)
A Hub is a central location around which activity occurs. What is presented in the NewsPage Hub are those related online locations of activities relevant to the news feed of this NewsPage. This includes:

1) the link to the website related to this news feed,
2) other NewsPages owned by the owner of this NewsPage,
3) the FeedBack postings by the owner of this feed on others' news feeds and others' FeedBack postings on the news feed of this NewsPage, and
4) an optional Directory feed.

The FeedBack system is worthy of a discussion all its own to fully appreciate the networking and SEO benefits. The Directory feed is a convenient way to link to any other sites "out there" that you feel important to your endeavor you wish visitors to view.

It's useful to think of the Hub in terms of airports and air traffic. Consider a NewsPage to be a hub with traffic emanating out to other hubs (other NewsPages) and also connecting destination travelers to local points of interest (the Directory). FeedBack can be thought of as comments from one hub about another. Clicking a NewsPage link in the "Our Other NewsPages" or FeedBack comments in the two FeedBack sections moves one from one hub to another. One can "travel" from one hub to another on an information journey, and return to the original hub, in a sort of round trip.

What's Next?
Stay tuned for news about the conversion of the feed posting process to a mobile-friendly format akin to the NewsPage. Also, watch for another post on this feed about the significant SEO benefits of the enhanced NewsPage design: your NewsPage is a webpage in its own right and can appear in search results and can also improve SERP position of sites you link to.