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22 Feb 2013 21:47
Restructured 'Stylize & Promote Feeds' plus Predefined Feed Embed Scripts 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Enfeedia introduces five predefined feed embed scripts with a restructured 'Stylize & Promote Feeds" section to help you get started with embedding feeds into your website. You will find the choices better organized so that you can more easily find the solution you prefer for not just posting active icons or text-links for your feed and NewsPage but also for embedding your feed without going through a multiple choice customization process.

The PHP code snippet that triggers the embed processing as simple as this example for embedding feed YOUR_FEED in YOUR_ACCOUNT, displaying the most recent 5 items, showing the first 200 characters of the item description:

SOS_FF_col("YOUR_ACCOUNT", "YOUR_FEED", 5, 200);

Five predefined snippets are offered, with quirky names like Forum Fodder, Blog Blender, Testimonial Tributes, and Future Events and Past Events for Calendar Feeds. You can choose to have items displayed in traditional column format or a row format that simplifies finding space on your webpage for the feed. After some experimentation, you might choose to fully customize your feed display to exploit all the features of Enfeedia's shootOnSite system.

To use these predefined snippets, download the latest version of the shootOnSite script at the Stylize & Promote Feeds page and upload it to your website.

Give it a try!